About C21 Gentlemen

Corey J. Adams, Jr., also known to many of his family and friends as “Lil Corey” is a 17 year old who currently resides in Illinois.  He is the eldest of two sons to Corey J. Adams Sr. and Lanise Adams.  He was born in Enterprise, Alabama.  Although he was born with Down Syndrome, it has not stopped him from experiencing a happy and healthy lifestyle. Corey enjoys spending time with his family and friends.  He loves to travel, go to school, work in the school’s bookstore, dancing and dress up in neckties and bowties.  Because of his love for people, he never consider anyone a stranger.  Anyone who knows Corey can count on being greeted with a hug and or a highfive.

Corey started helping his father sell neckties at the age of 8. His previous sales and friendly customer to consumer experience has lead him to starting his own business of selling wooden bowties. Corey’s unique way of thinking suits the wooden material used that brings uniqueness to the standard bowtie.

Corey is supported by his family in various states in the U.S. and Germany. As a member of the (EFMP) Exceptional Family Member Program of the U.S. Army he gets the necessary education and medical attention that is required and available to him.  His wishes are that others with disabilities will be inspired to embrace whatever sparks their interest combined with their gift to love unconditionally and share it with the world.  When you see someone wearing a wooden bowtie in your community, Lil Corey wants you to share the love by stopping and asking for a hug or a highfive.